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Tulln Internatonal Boat Show 2017



Who else could bring energy container to boat show? Only LTW! 2017 Austrian prestigios fair welcomed LTW SAES Energy container, this time not full of energy for energy backup of villages or grid balancing, but filled with all LTW products in offer at the time. Unique energy solutions for Yacht industry was presented with huge success. Thank you to all of you who came to visit!


We have installed batteries in helimovers again

We are successfully testing our LiFeUP batteries at CPS s.r.o. in.. to see more click here


Finally, the sun started to shine, and our office runs on solar energy

Thanks to the combination of RUG and solar panels, our office in St.. to see more click here

We´ve attended boat show in Bernau

We visited an annual boat show in German town of Bernau with our pow.. to see more click here
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