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Island installation for forest cabin



Over two years now island energy system works at Vavrovka cabin, installed by LTW team. LiFeUP battery was installed together with Victron Phoenix inverter and custom LTW BMS. First run of this system was big success. Battery supplied succesfully energy for music band, lighting and beer cooler during celebration called "Vavrovka shining" in translation from Czech. Original battery was originally able to supply power for less then two hours. LTW battery of the same nominal capacity suplied power for 7 hours up to 11PM, coverting energy need for 95% of celebrations for over 50 participants without noise and smell of diesel generator. This year the installation was extended for solar panels, which prolong the battery lifetime and reliably charge the battery over the working week. Now the battery is ready every weekend for student camps and company parties. Good job!


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