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Our major product is independent energy containers with cogeneration and efficient storage in the battery system. It is a hybrid system using energy from a vertical wind generator of 5kW and solar panels of 3kW. This compact solution enables energy self-sufficiency anywhere in the world, with the ability to easily move from place to place. The LTW SAES system meets the strictest requirements for uninterrupted power supply and therefore also contains several energy sources at a time. Solar and wind power generators, which are also backed by a hydrogen cell, meet requirements such as military applications. It is also a suitable solution eg for field hospitals, water purifiers, power supply of transmitters and data converters in extremely inaccessible places, etc. As an external accessory, it is also possible to connect a small combustion generator. Then you can use energy in any device. The advantage of this system is that solar energy serves as a stable source in the absence of wind conditions and, on the contrary, wind energy is a reliable source if the sun can not provide enough energy. This wind-solar system is the ideal solution for an independent power system.

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