How to register

You have two options

LTW Account (FUJIN) Registration

Choose FUJIN!

Facebook Registration

Choose Facebook!

Which should I choose?

If you have a Facebook account, choose Facebook, it´s fast, and you don´t have to write in anything. Facebook registration will create a LTW Account for you and join your Facebook account to it. You will still have to delegate your account for LTW Catalog, slide down to Step 4.

If you don´t have Facebook, you have to create LTW Account by yourself. It´s not hard. We´ve created a instructions for you, just follow the steps and everything will be ´´A-Okay´´.

Let´s register via FUJIN

Step 1

FUJIN Registration

Fill in everything, you can also upload a profile picture, but that is optional.

Step 2

Activate your account. You will receive an email with link.

Step 3

Your account is now active. If you are a partner, or you need to access the catalog, you need to delegate your account!

Step 4 - Delegation to LTW Catalog

LTW Catalog Delegation

Firstly, login to your LTW Account, in the FJID column will show a unique identifier. If you see a message ´´User was not found´´, check your credentials. Then fill everything in, including logo, which should be very wide.

Step 5 - Wait for a response

Now just wait for a response. This should take up to 24h, so be patient.

Step 6 - All done

If you got a response, you can log in and enjoy!

If you have any question, contact me and I will help you 😊

Tomáš Kracík, webmaster