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Finally, the sun started to shine, and our office runs on solar energy

Thanks to the combination of RUG and solar panels, our office in.. to see more click here

We´ve attended boat show in Bernau

We visited an annual boat show in German town of Bernau with our.. to see more click here

Solar lamp in Roudnice works after 4 years without any maintenance

We have installed this SL-1 (SL-1, 80W LED, 8 meters high (26 ft.. to see more click here

First testing solar lamp

On 7th September, we installed a test solar lamp in a closed tes.. to see more click here

LTW batteries in Czech TV Prima´s show Autosalon

TV Prima's Autosalon  car show's host, Josef Vrtal,.. to see more click here

New RUG3/3/LE and RUG3/5/LE for emergency elevators

Have you ever feared elevators? Yes? Many of us had, mainly.. to see more click here

We´ve handed over the most powerful electric wagon to the world-

This electric wagon uses only LTW Battery power to carry embossi.. to see more click here

RUG presentation on Intersolar 2018

From June 19 to June 22, we presented RUG 3/3/48/10.24 at the In.. to see more click here

We presented the first racing yacht battery

If you are looking for new racing yacht battery, we offer you ou.. to see more click here

Kornati Cup party saved by RUG 1/5/48

Famous yacht racing cup Kornati Cup, organized by Pitter Yachtch.. to see more click here